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Comment: Other factors..

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Other factors..

What are you using for your internet connection.

Is it at work (they may filter web traffic), public (they may filter as well), or home (does anyone filter traffic in your home?).

What do you use for a browser? (This makes a difference with some problems).

I'll also mention what other people have said, just in a different way.

It is a good idea not to use a search engine to go to sites that you already know. If you want, just type it into the address bar (at the top of your browser), not the search field/box of whatever search engine you are using. Using a search engine to look up a site you already know just adds a layer between you and the site, where anything can happen (anything the search engine decides or accidentally does). Also, search engines can keep track of your searches and click results. Either way, using a search engine for this purpose adds an unnecessary step that can complicate things.

Occasional site hick-ups happen. Yet, it sounds like you are experiencing more than that.

Another thing to try is a different browsers.

Also, you can try looking through your browsers' settings and clear the cache.

There is no great way of knowing without looking over your shoulder while you encounter the problem.

Hope some of this helped.