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Why do you keep posting this thing about scopolamine and MK-Ultra? That is even more ridiculous than blaming guns. Drugs, just like guns, are a tool. But it is NOT a tool for brainwashing because it doesn't work like that.

Here is an explanation I have posted before regarding this scopolamine myth...

"Scopolamine is often hyped as a mythical drug that turns you into a brainwashed zombie that is also capable of pulling off complex schemes and physically complicated maneuvers like spree killings, but that's not how those psychoactive drugs work.

Scopolamine, which is COMMONLY used in medicine and is not some secret CIA top secret drug, makes you basically incapacitated in high doses. In a standard medical pharmacology course, in which you learn about approximately 1000 different pharmaceuticals, scopolamine is one of the FIRST 10 or so drugs you learn about. It's a standard example of an anti-cholinergic drug and it's medical properties have been long known. You can rob a victim, sure, just like you can use it to assist in the sedation of a patient for surgery, but you won't be able to get them complete an advanced task.

When you are tripping hard it's a challenge to even put on your pants. Also, it blurs your vision so strongly you are basically blind. Scopolamine is in the same class of drugs the ophthalmologist uses to dilate your pupils. (Have you ever tried looking at something in your hands after leaving the eye doctor?)

It wouldn't make sense to use it as a brainwashing tool for mass murder."