Comment: Great Work, Shipmate.

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Great Work, Shipmate.

Thank you for the good work you've done, both in the Navy and after. This is a powerful post, and something we REALLY need to be paying attention to.

Here's why...

Folks, the Federal level is lost. Completely lost.

Sure, we have the occasional Justin Amash or Walter Jones tucked here or there, but overall we have placed FAR too much emphasis on winning these federal elections.

The 9th and 10th Amendments are our ONLY real hope. And simultaneously, the state and local level is where we CAN sweep to power rapidly. Just look to Nevada as an example.

Travis, I'm sorry we didn't know/do enough to put you and Dan over the top last time. But lesson learned.

I for one will NEVER give C4L a cent again, as long as Benton, Tate and crew are around. But I WILL donate to local, grassroots money bombs to get our people elected at the state and local level.

We need to think of ourselves in terms of a woman's high-heeled, stiletto shoe: It doesn't need much weight on top of it for the heel to sink into hard wood flooring. That's because all her weight gets concentrated into one tiny surface area.

We need to bring our numbers to bear in these State and local elections and in this way we will be victorious.

DPer's, I say we start a monthly grassroots moneybomb.

Each month, let candidates for any state/local election make a post, like Travis', within the first 5 days of every month. The candidate with the most compelling story, with the purest commitment to Liberty, with the very best chance of winning his/her race, becomes that month's moneybomb sponsoree.

I hereby nominate former Petty Officer, 2nd Class Travis Couture as a candidate for Moneybomb #1, in January.

I know I'll contribute.

DPer's, what say you to this idea?