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News flash amc1953... most of

News flash amc1953... most of the liberty movement is made up of people who have spent hours blasting nazi-zombies on games like Call of Duty. Most of the liberty movement is 35 and under, and the reason we don't watch TV is because its so insanley boring once you learn to play vids like Call of Duty. So instead, we turn off the dumbass TV because its lame, and turn on games and the internet. Then some of us stumble upon videos talking about the Federal Reserve and follow the path to Ron Paul and wake up.

You owe the Liberty Movement to Call of Duty and the video game culture that has disrupted and destroyed the corporate media's stranglehold on a generation.

If you want a culprit for these mass shootings, look no further than the psychotropic drugs that every one of these guys is on. Notice that the bottles list "suicidal and homicidle tendecys" as possible side effects.

Consider the amount of lythium, sodium flouride and mercury being injected onto young human brains from the moment they are born via vaccines and then anti-depressents.

We are being made insane by the chemical cocktails our governments via big pharma are poisoning us with. THen they wave the corpses around to push their anti-gun collectivist power-grab at our 2nd amendment.