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Comment: It's very sad indeed

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It's very sad indeed

that they don't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ at this time, but I'm sure you're not the least bit concerned since you only engage in these conversations in the hope of opportunity for mockery.

Thankfully, our family has a very close, loving relationship filled with respect for one another. Because my wife and I strive to always show our children the love of Christ, we have a home built on a solid foundation that allows us to continue a daily Christian witness to them. We do what we can and leave final Judgment up to God. I cannot be "horrified", etc., at "what's in store for them" because I don't know "what's in store for them" and no one else does, either, except God Himself.

As for your snarky remark, I have no doubt that my unsaved children would laugh at your insinuation that I'm not a responsible parent.

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