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Comment: Its not that people didn't see it

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Its not that people didn't see it

People did. They got shouted down. Called traitors, told to get on board; get with the program or get out. It happened. You know it did.

The problem, then, is one of mass psychology. That's what happens in a mob. Mobs are necessary to get things done, it seems, among the human race. But they're difficult and dangerous to work with and control.

But since we're taking about fog - how's this for fog? You say Political integrity is over, it's a pipe dream.. But come on, was it ever a reality? How about personal integrity? Isn't that where it all begins? Aren't our politicians just a reflection of who we are? We allow people like Slick Willie, GWBII, Obomba to get away with what they do. Look at who the R's were putting up just recently. Mitt Romney.

Yeah, Ron Paul was, and is, a torch of hope, but that torch will not be allowed to burn.

What about your torch? Ron Paul provided hope for you, and for millions of others.

Who can you provide hope for? Who can you be an example to? That is really the question we need to answer - not the other way around. Not who is going to fix it for me, but what can I fix for others?

Anyway, mull it over for a while and see where you can find a place to fit. Don't worry about the 535 bozos in DC. They're a side show for now. We still don't quite have the numbers we need.