Comment: Here is what is happening with the numbers.

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Here is what is happening with the numbers.

Estate tax is set to go from 35% to 55% in 2013, The maximum unified credit will go down from 5 million to 1 million for estate tax exemptions; that means a whopping 4 million dollars per estate will have to be exempt by jan, 2013 or else uncle same will take it in probate.

The capital gains tax is going up to 20%.

the annual gift tax exclusion will go up but the IRS has planned to isolate 3500 families and small business owners and see to it 20% more taxable revenues can be applied to the death tax; allowing creditors to leverage buy-out sole proprietorships who can not afford to keep their companies in their estates.

It is a slow kill method; after 2013 we will see the slippery slope where small companies are no longer transferred to heirs but rather are handed over to creditors or the govt to avoid tax liabilities, this is a way for the IRS to keep low taxes on the middle class while draining their employment opportunities with trickle down taxation.

Meanwhile, the capital effects of QE3 will commence. state property taxes and corporate taxes will go up; affording municipalities to create even bigger rackets around tax lien auctions to land owners... that means deed sales are going to go through the roof as tax lien holders will be able to foreclose on homeowners and take the land for the price of the lien itself. This is already happening but it is set to increase in breadth once property taxes spike as a result of QE3.

this isn't even mentioning that obamacare will start being capitalized in 2013 as well, which could host insurance fraud.

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