Comment: how about we ban fire!!!!!!

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how about we ban fire!!!!!!

how about we ban fire!!!!!! is the aurua theater shooting was done by fire instead, I am sure many more would have died... Arson is the leading cause of fires (267,000 annually) in the United
States and the second leading cause of deaths (475) and injuries
(2,000); arson causes $1.4 billion in property loss each year.
S Community, municipal, and Federal interventions in addressing certain
aspects of the problem have ameliorated arson incidence.
S 50% of arson fires occur outdoors, 30% in structures, and 20% in vehicles.
S Half of all arson arrests are juveniles.
S Vacant and abandoned buildings are targets for arsonists. Also poorer
neighborhoods experience 14 times the number of arsons as higher
income neighborhoods.
S Church arsons increased sharply in 1996.
Arson is the leading cause of fire in the United States.
Each year, an estimated
267,000 fires are attributed to arson, which result in $1.4 billion in property loss and
cause over 2,000 injuries and 475 deaths.
As a result, arson prevention and investigation have become the focus of increased attention within the federal government, the fire
service, and the criminal justice system.

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