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Yup. TV is evil.

I am amazed at how people stare at it like zombies and believe anything it says. Its flat out creepy. I equate it as part of my 'waking' up. Once you no longer trust or have witnessed what we all have.. its hard to want TV around me or my daughter.

This may sound corny.. Ive been completely sober for about a month. No alcohol. I haven't gone more than 5 days without whiskey since 2001. I realized I had a problem and decided to stop. It was tough for the first couple weeks. I slipped up 3 times but didn't beat myself up. It was very hard to beat the craving.

A funny thing happened. I started feeling better. Taking better care of myself. Thinking clearly. Caring more. Felt inspired and motivated to push myself.

It looks like I will have the financing for my new business. I have been working on this plan nearly everyday for over a month. I found a niche and plan to exploit it.

I feel incredible. The bags under my eyes are gone. I have so much energy that it is hard to contain. My head is clear.

My daughter and I continue to get closer and closer. I was able to get gifts for all the children in our family for Xmas.

I have the nicest outfit on that I have ever worn. Im dapper all the way down to the socks. Even a fresh haircut.

It feels like I have life by the short and curlies. Im happy.

Making the front page of the DailyPaul for my thoughts is the icing on a beautiful cake.

Thank you so much Mr. Nystrom.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul