Comment: I think most here saw that coming.

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I think most here saw that coming.

It's all for show to maintain the false left-right paradigm. They know and most here know where this was headed from day one. They have to make it APPEAR there's a real debate going on and "our side" is fighting hard for us. Thus they need to remove any roadblocks while also sending a message.

But in the end the choices made will change nothing in the direction of fixing the economy. It will be more kicking the can down the road. Meanwhile the politicians on both sides will pat themselves on the back, boasting what a huge victory this was for Americans, that our *ahem* courageous leaders were able to "come to the table and work together on a solution." Gee aren't we so lucky to have them? Each side will then go home to their constituents and lie, telling them "we didn't get everything we wanted but we did manage to get A,B & C added into the bill", as if there was some other possible outcome, that we should be grateful for what they so bravely fought for and successfully got us. "Yay us!" the blind will feel as we slide further into ruin.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.