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Comment: Everyone knows their own

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Everyone knows their own

Everyone knows their own bodies best. Go ahead and smoke if you like. I used to chew tobacco regularly and smoke on occasion, but I've finally quit for good. I couldn't handle the anxious feeling when you didn't have nicotine, and I didn't want to always be doing it because it's costly and it's not good for your teeth or breath. Also, I didn't have the stamina for sporting events after smoking that I have now. I understand your point that substituting smoking for double cheeseburgers and milkshakes isn't healthy. However, give me a break with this whole media is making up that smoking is unhealthy garbage. I've smoked. It isn't healthy. It can cause lung cancer. I'm sure you can find positives about reducing tension and other things, but by and large it is a net negative for most people.

I've also been trying to quit caffeine, sugar, and change my eating habits to include more fresh fruits and vegetables and less processed foods. Quitting caffeine is initially difficult, but you get past it after a few weeks. Quitting sugar, processed foods, and all fast food has been more difficult. It's taken a couple of months but my body is finally asking for fruits, vegetables, and home cooked meals, and is rejecting or at least not craving fast food near as much.

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