Comment: Hey Stewart, why not beat them with this instead:

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Hey Stewart, why not beat them with this instead:

I challenge you to get up to speed on the real issues, that unless you are a government employee, receiving a paycheck from state or federal gov't twice monthly (bi-weekly), their internal statutory codes do not apply to you.

That means Title 1 through Title 50 of the US Code ..... None of them apply to the average American who's not on the gov't clock, period!

They want us to become violent and to threaten. What they are not expecting is for us to expose the con that those supposed gun laws (I mean statutes) only apply to state/federal personnel ... aka ... government agents who are receiving a paycheck to abide by those statutes.

The UNITED STATES is a foreign corporation operating on American soil. Every politician in the corporate actors guild had to expatriate from the republic (united States of America) before taking public office through their Secretary of State.

Put the information provided in this link on your site and watch the world turn upside overnight.

Then have your Oathkeepers watch this seminar by Dean Clifford so they can fully understand the con that's being perpetrated upon them:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

You have a huge audience of intelligent people Stewart; use that audience to expose the fraud and stop this out of control gov't before they decide to drop the hammer.

The pen is mightier than the sword Stewart, and this information is damning to the establishment.

Once everyone figures out that those codes (US Codes) do not apply to anyone other than gov't agents/employees/officials and the word gets out, it's over .............. Freedom from tyranny at last!