Comment: I don't think planes can take down light poles

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I don't think planes can take down light poles

I was a flight attendant when 9/11 happened. I was based out of Newark Liberty International. One of the supposed 9/11 planes took off from there. We ended up being grounded in Des Moines that morning. The pilots that I flew with and I all agreed that planes could not have done any of the damage attributed them that day based on our own knowledge. I have been a 9/11 truther since 9/11. Geese bring planes down if hit - once a very skilled pilot ditched into the Hudson river because of hitting them. A gulf stream jet landing at Ellington Field in Houston, TX - coming to pick up Daddy Bush - hit a light pole and crashed killing both pilots. On a side note, I asked around among the flight attendants and pilots for about a month after 9/11 if any of them knew any of the crew on board the plane that left from Newark. No one did.