Comment: Ewwww - how disgusting and

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Ewwww - how disgusting and

Ewwww - how disgusting and disturbing. It is unthinkable that these predators consider it more important to locate some contraband on some hunch than to protect these citizen's rights and dignity. Obviously the male officer had to go the extra length to call in for a female officer since he was so hell-bent to strip search these ladies. He even admitted that he were only likely to find a small amount if that...but still, it was so important to him. What if there are kids in the they get raped too? And I read another account that related that there was prescription medication missing from the driver's belongings.

And the cavity search...what the hell? First, do these officers get training for this sort of thing...put on your blue gloves to protect yourself, but make sure you spread as many microbes among your victims as possible. I don't even think the Stasi did these types of searches in their infamous citizen stops.