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Looked at this some time ago

It's a very concise and indepth study, but my conclusions were that all the physical damage to both the pentagon structure and surrounding objects support the establishment model 'IF' the supposed flight-path was correct.
So it comes down to 'eye-witness accounts' as to the real trajectory the plane was on, and very creditable witnesses I might add. I recall, back at that time, several witnesses stating they saw a "white plane flying away from the pentagon" at some point after the incident, for what that's worth.
I do have trouble accepting the light poles were pre-positioned beforehand, and I don't have trouble accepting the poles were torn out as that is precisely what they are designed to do on impact.
One obvious discrepancy in the official account is the reported speed of the plane, and contradicted by the eye-witness version, which makes a lot more sense.
So in my mind at least, jury is still out. Where's the video evidence ...confirm the flight-path and it's all over.

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