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Mee too!

I do the same thing. I keep a 20 year old Sony in the family room and my daughter's room with Roku boxes connected. Analog TVs that are only good as a monitor.
No 24hr news in my home since 2007 for the same reasons you stated.

I remember what it was like being hypnotized by the 'news' whenever a disaster struck. Being told how to feel and think. Being told who to blame, etc. Couldn't take my eyes and ears off of whatever the disiaster was. Shark attacks, Kidnappings, Hurricanes, Plane crashes, 9/11, GW I and II, ad nauseum.

Ron Paul freed me from it. Seeing the blatant cover-ups and lies from people who I thought I trusted (Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, Beck, etc) was enough for me to cut the cord and never support these evil bastards again.