Comment: Individual Americans are arming to defend themselves in war

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Individual Americans are arming to defend themselves in war

The writing is on the boob tube.

The government and foreign bankster corporate media have begun the war against the basic rights of all formerly free Americans like it or not.

Much of the populous is now actually arming themselves and their extended families as government tyranny expands at an ever increasing uncontrolled rate.

Last night at dinner a large table of people next to us were on their smart phones each looking to buy or assemble their own AR15s.

The gun industry is doing a booming business right now... not because people are afraid of a gunman... but instead because Americans increasingly have reason to fear oppression from their own government at all levels federal, state and local.

It doesn't take rocket scientist to know that the NDAA and Patriot Acts were not designed to fight foreign terrorism. This is clearly authoritarian government preparing to increase domination and oppression of its own people.

Such a people are not free and should prepare to fear their government.