Comment: Be careful - - if you look at this

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Be careful - - if you look at this

from a non-libertarian point of view, the ridicule works very well.

No one cares if someone makes logical points with verified statistics.

The whole narrative is that anyone who wants anything other than a muzzle loader is selfish and foolish. The MSM is skewing every emotionally wrenching event to fit the "selfish and foolish" meme. For example, I saw a report on CNN that compared US behavior during Katrina to the Japanese during the Tsunami, where they dutifully lined up to receive their government food like so many sheep.

Using logic and reason will not work in this battle for the social narrative. We are not owning anyone, we are getting hammered. Expect a ban on assault weapons, large clips, making your own ammunition, and a large tax and restrictions on ammunition.