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Let me expand a bit on my answer...

In the middle ages, if you were a king and ruled with an iron fist - no courts or juries only your word being followed strictly - your reign would not last very long. Sooner or later you'd find yourself dead by food poisoning or your own brother/son etc putting a knife in your back.

So while I am sovereign, I'm aware of the fact that I have no army. In absense of an army I must have a good grasp of the law and be able to verbally express that law in front of an open forum.

If some opposing king (in this case some grim reaper in a black robe on a bench) pulls me into his court, my mission is to convince all the people around this evil man that what he is doing is truly evil. He must convince his subordinates that what he is doing is right and proper otherwise people in his own circle will do him in.

There are many cases where judges have been removed from benches after dealing with a legitimate knowledgeable sovereign who did not wish to contract. Ultimately that's what it's about by the way - contracts. We make contracts everyday and don't even realize it. Contracts are written, verbal or generally understood (such as ordering a meal in a restaurant - you agree to pay as long as you don't object to paying).

Every commercial court in this country (and they are all commercial) operates on the presumption of contract. If you can lay out the fundamentals in a coherent, comprehend-able fashion then you're exposing the court fraud (that you must obey their statutes). Absent contract... you are not required to obey statutes and acts. The problem is Americans do not realize that they are contracting with "government" officials every time they come in contact.

Most public servants do not even realize they are contracting. The judges know this however. It is the only way they can be perceived to be violating "constitutionally guaranteed" rights without being hung for treason. They are not violating your rights - you have agreed that under the contract - you have no rights and only have state granted privileges.

How does one become sovereign? Study... study... study... or get yourself a very large loyal army.