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"Jonathan Lanza"

There are some questions about this "uncle." Some reports indicate he may be an individual who claims to be a "lawsuit factory," and who apparently has a reputation for "punking" reporters. This individual reportedly also had a tenuous connection to the Aurora shooting. See, for example:

Some forum participants at Democratic Underground recognized Riches' picture in a video in which he claims to be Lanza's uncle:

As a result, several Webmasters and forum Moderators have urged that references to the Riches-Lanza connection be struck pending further investigation. The New York Daily News appears to have edited out the reference in one of its articles, and the Google cache for it has apparently disappeared. Articles from the New York Magazine and Business Insider that mention the "uncle" are still active.

Thus, the "uncle" and his claim about Lanza allegedly being prescribed Fanapt (a controversial psychiatric med) should be considered suspect at this point.