Comment: What is the meaning of "Well Regulated Militias"?

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What is the meaning of "Well Regulated Militias"?

I'm not suggesting that any citizen shouldn't have the right to own a weapon for the purpose of defending themselves, their family and their property. However, I think the hysterical ranting and raving from the left about assault weapons needs to be countered with a Constitutional argument and what better way than to abide by the letter and law of the second amendment? Is there any firmer ground on which to stand? If so, then there needs to be a robust debate about the meaning and intent of "Well regulated militias".

For example, would it be a bad thing if a group of people in my town who either already own or want to own assault weapons want to form a local militia under the supervision of the local police department? I don't think so, but I'd like to hear some more feedback from other people on this forum. I think I would rather have my local police department regulating my local militia than the state national guard or God forbid the Defense Dept or FBI. This could be a proactive way to take control of the situation.

Ed Rombach