Comment: Senate LIBOR heaings...

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Senate LIBOR heaings...

The Senate Banking Committee hearings on LIBOR were held in June and July of this year. There's no evidence I can find that any further hearings were scheduled by the Senate Banking Committee. I'm sure if this information is inaccurate, someone will correct it.

What I would like to know is if Dr. Robert Holmes and Peter J. Lanza were involved with government prosecutors who convicted these low level, little fish who were employed by GE Capital unit, which Lanza as a Senior VP at GE Financial oversees. I don't know of any resources where this information can be researched.

Bid rigging on bonds was based directly off LIBOR interest rates. If the LIBOR rates were rigged, and the bond rates were rigged, this is called systemic fraud.

According to Bernanke, if the LIBOR rates were low, this was a benefit to people. No, Ben, if the LIBOR rates were rigged on the high end and the low end, this is called fraud.