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Words of wisdom. Like you, I

Words of wisdom. Like you, I wish more understood all of this. I'm still learning the details of it all. Fortunately, some of my favorite people on Facebook provide great info on this subject, so I learn more every day.

I agree. It would be great to see Rhodes take a stand on this, but at this point in time it may be enough that people understand that their rights are being infringed, though they may not know the real reasons why. What matters most, is there are still so many men and women who will uphold their oaths to the Constitution as written by the Founders. That they don't yet know the scam perpetrated on us all doesn't seem to matter at this particular point in time. They are angry and determined, and that is what will make the difference, IMO. To educate them all on this subject when things are so dire, I think, will take more time than we have at the moment. Let's check the Govt actions first, and educate as best we can along the way. Time is not on our side anymore.

Blessings )o(