Comment: Judges and government officials are stupid, right?

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Judges and government officials are stupid, right?

Except when the agree us!

You know something like 30% of violent crimes are committed by people intoxicated by alcohol?

You know 50% of drug tests show marijuana in the system of violent criminals?

Alcohol and marijuana CAUSE violence, right?

Those big Alcohol PUSHERS! Those ignorant weed smoking zombies! Alcohol and weed interfere with normal brain chemistry!

Let's blame them for violence in our society!

By the way Fishy, did you actually read this article?

"Some other experts say scientific evidence of a link between the latest anti-depressants and homicide is thin.

“I think it got pulled out of a hat, frankly,” said Dr. Umesh Jain, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental health. “You could construct a weak and biologically plausible effect, but you’d have to be pretty convincing in court.”

Studies have established such drugs can increase the risk of young patients having suicidal thoughts. Their tendency to lift inhibition could also release some hostility or violence lurking in a person’s character, said Dr. Jain. Small studies like one he co-authored in 1992 have also suggested that the drugs can trigger short-term mania, especially in bi-polar disorder patients.

There is little or no scientific evidence directly linking the anti-depressants and serious violence or homicide, though, he said."