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I can attest from personal experience that SSRI makes me less introverted, more assertive and decisive, and most importantly less angry at nuisances. I don't ever get pissed at traffic anymore, for example. In fact, I'm as laid back as I've ever been in my life. And my moral compass was certainly unaffected, having no increased wish to harm any person or feeling any less empathy.

I've never been diagnosed with depression--my doctor prescribed them because I told him I felt that I was too impatient with family members and would regretfully get angry at petty annoyances. SSRI cures grumpy old man syndrome, basically. And for just $4 a month, much cheaper than "alternative" therapies like 5-HTP supplements.

If there are people sensitive to SSRIs, then their doctors should OBSERVE this in followup visits. Prescribers need to take responsibility and titrate each patient's dose correctly, and cease a medication if it is causing adverse outcome.

It would be interesting to see a study that gave candidates for SSRIs either SSRI or placebo, and see whether there were more murders committed by those who received SSRI vs received placebo. I can imagine that possibly SSRI use would increase likelihood of homicide--SSRI can make one less indecisive, into more of an action person. And if the "action" being contemplated is murder or suicide, then one could possibly cease handwringing about it and simply do the deed. But that's pure speculation. I want to see the study that demonstrates correlation between SSRI vs no SSRI and violence vs no violence, and credible explanation of causative effect.

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