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Comment: Blood tests, not questionnaires

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Blood tests, not questionnaires

Hi Bot Thanks for your reply.

You are absolutely correct that a doctor who doesn't want malpractice suit will test thoroughly. Unfortunately almost none test thoroughly. And the public isn't suing them for malpractice either.

Part of this has to do with the public not understanding that there are objective laboratory tests (not questionnaires) that can explore the causes of ADHD, depression etc.

The references you gave were typical of what happens at most doctors offices. In your first reference, it is a questionnaire asking the patient about their behaviors. This can be used by a lot of doctors to arrive at a very cursory diagnosis (like ADHD or Depression), but that does not have any objective criteria and does nothing to try and arrive at a cause for the condition. When I refer to finding the cause of a condition like ADHD, I am referring to a blood test, urine test or brain scan (still experimental).

Your second reference was almost identical, except they go into some treatments. Almost all of the treatments they recommended were drugs that they recommended you go through on a trail basis until you find one that works. This is a fairly haphazard approach to treatment and it still is only addressing symptom control, not cures.

Ask yourself the following question for anybody you know with a developmental disorder.
What is causing their condition? ( insert whichever disorder they are experiencing - ADHD, depression, etc.)
It is not a deficiency of paxil or any of the other medications. If the answer you get from your doctor is something as vague as "a problem with their brain" then they don't know.

Your also right about the correlation vs. causal comment. Just because all of the mass murderers were on prescription meds doesn't mean they caused them, only that they are correlated. That is the conversation that needs to be happening.

Research has proved that some of these meds do cause an increase in suicide. Let's start asking more questions about the meds causing murder rampages. For May 17 Money Bomb!