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You're overly optimistic for the short term.

I wish I could share it, but I've seen too much.

Is God on our side? Yes, but the fact is, divine intervention is not and has not been spectacular give-us-the-victory stuff; it's little things. God provides us opportunities, yes, but He doesn't just hand us victory.

The universe? It's a fallen and incredibly hostile place. Human nature tends towards tyrrany - that's why it's a fight. Tomorrow will bring nothing different, just another day on a shattered world where a fallen people continue to screw up.

But we will win. What you have said will come to pass. Not in the world as we know it, and not through our own strength, or wisdom, or wealth, or power, or wit, or talent. It will come through the inevitable victory of the Almighty, the Prince of Peace, who grants us true freedom.

I disagree with you often, LL, and I won't lie, I've often found you annoying, as I'm sure others have felt about me.

But for now, even in this fallen world, we will keep up the good fight together. We will do everything in our mortal ability to protect peace and freedom.

God bless you, and merry Christmas.