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stretching thin

Your point is really unfounded, I am not much of an AJ fan because I don't like his aggressive personality, I think he could learn a lot about how to frame questions and philosophy from Ron Paul and Rand and Jim Demint, figures who work with the right and left all the time and don't attack them for philosophical differences. But back to my main point, I watched your video and think you make some silly points. The caller prolly did hang up, just because you want to believe he didn't don't make it true, I am all for criticizing Mr. Jones but I honestly don't find your argument in the least bit legit. As a off and on listener to Alex for about 5 years now I can say that alex has dove wayyyy into the fed talks, and I would argue he has economist on about getting rid of taxes and how to incorporate the non-agression principle into our current shit hole of a government more often than he talks about guns. The thing is Alex is ahead of the curve, he sees what most people in the liberty movement see, a soon to be attempt at a gun ban, we must stop that, that is a huge priority right now and if your not looking at ways to protect the second amendment right now, I don't know what your doing....

You just got PAULED!