Comment: Tom, I hate to see you leave but,

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Tom, I hate to see you leave but,

Over all the years you and I have been here, you have been ALL OVER the map in actions,attitude, and responses. This was not necessarily a good thing. It is like one day you are for this, and the next, you are not. Just like when you dropped the good doctor for Gary Johnson. If was F*ing overnight man and shattered my visions of the liberty movement. You were a constant and YOU shattered that.(I must thank you for that for now. I just do local and screw the rest)

I truly like you for whom you are but, I dislike your dropping and discouraging loyal RP supporters as you did. You hurt many of us oldtimers by your actions and you want us to accept you with what ever direction your winds seem to be blowing on any certain day. Hell I can get that from my employees. At least I can fire their asses.

You and We lose by your leaving but, what is to say You and We, may gain if you do. I don't have the answer but you must make your choices. I just know I like most of your poems and I think you contribute MUCH here at the DP. I just think you wear your heart on your sleeve and look for acknowledgement and agrandizement for every little thing in your life. I lived that with my children. I am not looking for that from adults.

I wish you the best with whatever decision you decide to make but you must get your head together and move in a direction which is good for you. I hope you stay but I also hope you grow up.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.