Comment: My solution is too expensive?

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My solution is too expensive?

You'd rather have welfarists carrying guns then a small team of prvate contractors?

My solution might cost the parents of a 2000 kid school $20 per month and its a free-market solution.

my idea can be implemented tomorrow your idea of restoring the Republic and restoring the Constitution well it took RonPaul 30 years to not get that done and it will likely take another let's just say 5 to 10 years, I don't even think its feasible, but let's just say takes 5 to 10 years my idea can be put in tomorrow yours is not going to be done this year the socialist ideas is too ban assault rifle or make more restrictions on who can get guns how long will that take them meanwhile the kids sit in schools unprotected.

I can see why it'd get downvoted.

I have teachers in my family and they would not carry guns.

Most teachers are big govt socialists, unionists, and pacifists.

The lockable bullet proof door would solve most problems.