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Rather suspicious

It is rather suspicious to me. I live maybe 20 miles from Vandenberg Air Force Base in the central California coast. The whole house shook worse with the first jolt and loud noise and lasted it seemed about 20 seconds, as I started to get under my desk. Then it seemed like a few minutes later it again, then a few minutes passed and again, just like earthquakes with loud rumbles.

I got several local breaking news emails saying they didn't know what caused it. A small earthquake occurred in Beaumont, CA only.

Went on USGS to check and enter info that I felt it. It had data of people very far away 200 or more miles away that felt it too.

I heard they did nuclear tests in Arizona not long ago.

Anyway they say now it was a F-16 military jet going 2000 mph braking the sound barrier, 50 miles out in the ocean off Vandenberg, though after they contacted Vandenberg they said they had no known military exercises.