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Hells bells

I encouraged and supported "it" becomming a mod back in 07, and was dissappointed when "it" was no longer a mod because "it's" effort to reach out to the new folks and connect with DP back in 07 was important groth for the community that MN and the other mods have never matched hospitaluty speaking.. and this election he did that for GJ and the LP, instead of RP (never the GOP) with the blessing of MN, who not only agrees with "it", but appreciates "it", now more than in 07.

What "it's" post tells me is that those who are sticking with Rand and the GOP are winning. We're not leaving the GOP or threatening to leave the DP, even having earned far more down votes from LL's influence on new folks to the DP, that "it" ever gets.