Comment: I'm done with Lew Rockwell.

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I'm done with Lew Rockwell.

Lew Rockwell: "It would be a great thing to break up the US"

Pick up a gun then tin soldier. Secessionists don't even matter in the debate anymore. They've made it clear what they want; to destroy. Ideas are a living thing and the idea of Anarchism is dead. It's neither possible, desirable, or defensible. Anarchists don't understand what it is that threatens our liberty, mans covetous nature, nor will they serve justice, defend liberty with force.

They're nihilists and hedonists, libertines, not Libertarians and they're less than WORTHLESS to liberty. They're Judas and liars, and now we can see Lew Rockwell for what he really is, somebody that wants to break up (destroy) our Republic.

Why would I give a damn what he thinks or wants? If he picks up a gun, we'll deal with him. Until then, he can just keep screaming about how he wants to destroy my country.