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Comment: Job creation would be easy without the over-regulation.

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Job creation would be easy without the over-regulation.

Over-regulation is jsut one part of the "elite" agenda to depopulate and to rip off the middle class to accelearate depop. Call this the "PTB 2 fold agenda"; "kill them off and make them broke to speed it up". Whatever they do, it all follows this easily observed pattern.

It's obvious that Job creation would be easy without the over-regulation. There was no-one to stop the bankers creating banks so they were created; same with car-companies and any other industry that can be conceived. When they started there was not enough done to stop them so they grew.

Lots of regs or few regs comes down eventually to a choice of "safety while being killed" or "Common sense in what you buy while you create a live-and-let-live society".

We have been made dependent on jobs that others create and regulate to shut out competition.

"But if there were no regulations, we would not be safe!!!!" many will say.

Well, the PTB have all such people cornered. They have them believing they have to be protected by regulations that keep them safe and which only the big companies can afford to implement -- and this makes them dependent on a potentially shrinking pool of job-givers. These companies purchase politicians to make sure the regs are put in to shut out burgeoning competition.

At the same time, the PTB do whatever they can to get down to target population levels and that includes "deliberate non-job creation through regulation" even though it might rank far behind other "PTB 2 fold agenda" items like creating wars that are paid for by deficit (these directly kill people while making huge indirect rip offs using the hidden tax of inflation in the future); and enforcing biotech "copyrights" that allow slow mass killing while giving biotech companies food control and later food price control while smaller farmers are folding or committing suicide (as in India). Administrations rip people off to keep droves of their own idle voters fed. More two-fold agenda. They run the voting as support to all this (just indirect 2-fold stuff). These are some examples, you can see thousands of them around you every day.

The real betrayal comes in when those who make laws will not stand together and speak up up when they are being bought or co-erced into cooperating to the blatant point where they don't even read a bill before signing it off. If you as a man in the street do that with a bank contract then where is your recourse? Who are these people trusting when they sign? And who is writing the bills?

The other main betrayal is an ethical one (based on personal reasoning toward optimal survival, as opposed to "moral" which implies group enforcement -- these are by older definitions of the words which have become interchangeable today). It is perperated by liberty-minded people. Their nature makes them independent and thus tend to be averse to rules . They would need to agree to a minimal set of rules which gets them into power so they can see that things are not over-regulated on a broader scale so that all can survive in something approximating free-market principles.

The liberty-minded people will correctly point out all these things but don't organize themselves enough to tackle 5 or 10 main points and get into power. Rather they bicker with great conviction over lesser points that would be manageable if they got the bigger ones under control by getting into power.

They huddle in groups like this instead of getting a small set of essential rules heard broadly to make more of they are.

That is how it becomes an ethical rather than a moral betrayal.

A few get into power and then probably get twisted by a mixture of coercion and being bought by the people who pay for the regulations and that mill just grinds on. Those who write and pay for the laws are the source of the fast-approaching fascism and those are the two betrayals that permit it.

If the regs were much less then people would do things for income. A very wealthy South African started out by selling his mother's rusks door-to-door during the depression. He is now has the biggest rusk and potato crisp manufacturer in the country. Would he have been able to do that in a climate where kids get arrested for unlicensed lemonade stands; or where raw milk is targeted so that big dairies can avoid competition?

But the regs and the lack of jobs are just two large symptoms of the PTB 2-fold agenda going in while the two betrayals permit it.