Comment: What part of the state do you live in?

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What part of the state do you live in?

I'm in Pa. and the Game Commision has ranges throughout the state. They just recently changed the law to have individuals who use the ranges also be required to have hunting licenses. My suggestion would to first find a hunter safety course which is given by the game commission. It will thoroughly instruct you about fire arm safety. Making acquaintances at these class's will more likely than not afford you the opportunity to try out different weapons. Each individual will have their own preference and no two individuals or circumstances are identical. I used to have an old 5 shot 38 special for a bedside companion. Thinking I was doing her a favor I went out and purchased a 9 MM semiauto S&W for my wife. She hated it and felt much more comfortable with the much older, and alot cheaper, 38 revolver. In retrospect, the 38 did make a much larger hole than the 9 MM.

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