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For your first gun, unless

For your first gun, unless you have unusual needs, get a 9mm pistol of a reputable make. Unless you have experience indicating otherwise, the guns "everyone" who use them daily are moving towards, are striker fired Glock type actions, with no "safety" requiring operations beyond pulling the trigger, and with the same, fairly light, trigger pull for every shot, first to last. As well as a double stack, high capacity magazine.

The above qualities make training easier, and shooting more consistent, which means you'll become a better shot. The guns with these qualities include Glock, Smith and Wesson M&P, Springfield XD and Ruger SR. Try them all, and see which ones fits your grip best. Also, try them with a Crimson Trace laser grip attached. The lasers make hitting what you aim for in high stress situations easier, as well as making training more interactive. If properly maintained, which require little more than a battery a year or so, they are at least as reliable as the gun they are attached to.

Compared to shotguns, handguns are much, much easier to use even in home defense situations. Clearing house with a long barrel sticking out in none of you, for anyone to grab, is hardly beginner friendly. I'm not saying shotguns are bad, but handguns are just so much more versatile. They're also much easier to bring along should things be bad enough that you'd like a gun somewhere outside the home as well. And instead of being half competent with both a shotgun and a handgun, it's better to first become competent with the latter, and then, should you feel the need, get a shotgun to complement it.