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the whole fiscal cliff is a scam.

there is nothing stopping them from passing legislation (after it goes into effect) that either increases the spending again, or decreases the taxes again.

you can always tell the truth about something coming out of Washington based on its name. What picture are they trying to paint with the name. Assume that the name is a direct lie about what is actually going to happen.

DISCLOSE - theoretically makes campaigns tell more about who contributes, but it really protects big contributors from being exposed.

PATRIOT - takes away the rights of patriots.

Anyway, they painted a picture when they named the "Cliff". they want it to be the end of the world. They want people to be scared, because when people are scared they will accept crap as a way of avoiding the cliff. Notice how, a couple of years ago they moved the cliff to NOW, as a way of handling it after elections instead of before. That's a dead giveaway that they intend to sell us down the river even if we are kicking and screaming. All in the name of avoiding the fictitious cliff.