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What if...

What if this stuff is put out there deliberately to further separate people who are willing to consider possibilities, and who profoundly mistrust government, from all the TV zombies?

Whether or not the evidence backs this hypothesis up, outside of the people who are inclined to think about things of this sort, nobody is convinced of's too outlandish, no matter what evidence you present, for 90 percent of the public.

So, the division between those who are "awake" and everyone else deepens and widens, and we lose credibility in other areas, things that CAN be proven such as truths regarding economics, war, police state, etc.

Wouldn't this be a good way to pull some percentage of pro-gun people away from the gun debate right now, when it's vital, and get us comparing photos and ranting about government actors to people who can't begin to conceive of what we're getting at?

Or, what if that's not the intention, they're just morons who can't fake their own crises convincingly, but what if that's the effect? We waste a lot of time, become even more marginalized?

Just throwing it out there.