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Comment: "Idiot" aye?

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"Idiot" aye?

Another Anarchist "blesses me" with his wisdom and enlightenment.

Murray Rothbard is an Anarchist and Anarchists aren't Libertarians. Anarchists are LESS than worthless to liberty, and I've explained WHY over and over again. I don't believe that even Murray Rothbard buys his own crap.

Justice from a free market of violence serving the principle of self interest? Goon squads sold to the highest bidder providing for our security? Come on... You don't honestly believe that crap ends in justice do you? Is this what you call "smart"? I'm the "idiot"? Anarchism isn't Libertarianism. It's Judas Goat garbage.

An Anarchist doesn't know what threatens our liberty, nor will they serve justice; defend liberty with force. They can't explain themselves because their position is INDEFENSIBLE. Anarchy is at best a transitory state while warlords decide who can buy the biggest goon squad in a free market of violence.

An Anarchists only option is to do what you do did, run your foul mouth, and why should I believe that somebody like you gives a damn about ME? You clearly can't explain yourself. Why should I not just stomp you Anarchists anytime you open your mouth at me? It's not like you ever make a cogent argument. All you ever do is what you did, call people names.