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I think P.A.U.L. fest is what woke some folks up the rEVOLution being divided, with no protest from RP, by a Liberty Movement. The LM had become direction of DP, and anyone who was promoting RP outside the GOP.. grassroots, astroturf, controll op.. whatever, was much appreciated by the LM, who profited off the message and had no interest is giving that up to a GOP Inc.

Yhe divide was GOP campaign (rEVOLution) and non-GOP campaign (Liberty Movement) because RP was GOP and many in the LM, which especially includes DP, were promoting RP's message, but not supporting the GOP or the RP campaign in the GOP.

IMO, the fight for the message between those who were RPGOP and RPLM. was as bad, if not worse in some areas, as RPGOP vs NeoconsGOP.

LL's passion for the LM and rejection of the GOP/RPGOP reflected DP. LL should not become the fall guy for doing what those who really like RP's message (and profit off it) but refuse to join the GOP and fight.