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Comment: Go back to the drawing board with your beliefs, statist.

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Go back to the drawing board with your beliefs, statist.

A completely voluntary(anarchist) society is THE ONLY way that a truly just society can exist. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY! Of course, to not devolve into the mess that you're describing, we'll have to have a moral and righteous people to inhabit this free society. The founders knew this, as well.

Therein lies the problem. You, for whatever reason, have equated the idea of anarchy with an immoral people. That is your mistake.

THIS is the reason for teaching libertarian philosophy to all people!

The Non-aggression priciple: So we may have a true moral compass, and respect for each other.

Austrian economics: So we undertand the relationship between our money and our liberty, and so we don't get taken advantage of by another central bank.

The proper role of government: So we may recognize when a perversion of government is taking place. Like in the idiot examples that you've used against anarchy.