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Like I've said many times; Anarchists are WORTHLESS to liberty. They seem to think they can make mans covetous nature disappear by chanting their mantra: "voluntarism, voluntarism, voluntarism."

Somebody that chooses to take your liberty with force doesn't give a damn about what you think. They choose violence to take what they covet. They crap on your idea of a just society, because your liberty is their enemy. They don't want justice for YOU. They want plunder, slaves, and dominion.

Government is not the cause of injustice. It's mankind's response to it, and any government men create eventually gets destroyed by the same thing that destroys your Anarchist utopia; mans covetous nature.

"we'll have to have a moral and righteous people to inhabit this free society."

Anarchists are the least morally righteous people I can think of. They're nihilists, hedonists, and Judas Goats who run their foul mouths denigrating people who disagree with their broken and worthless ideas.

"You, for whatever reason, have equated the idea of anarchy with an immoral people."

Anarchists ARE immoral people; nihilists, hedonists, and libertines. Look at all these thumbs up... Sad.

"THIS is the reason for teaching libertarian philosophy to all people!"

Anarchists aren't Libertarians. Sorry, go start your own party, this time call yourself what you are, and don't bother talking about the principle of self ownership because you're worthless in it's defense, and nobody knows that better than an Anarchist. All an Anarchist wants to do is destroy, and they can't explain what it is they want to build because it doesn't make any sense, and they need to imagine they're going serve justice in a free market of violence.

"The Non-aggression principle: So we may have a true moral compass, and respect for each other."

Anarchists don't have respect for people, and those who decide to use violence to take what they covet don't respect you. How long have I had to listen to Anarchists calling people sheep, retards, and idiots. People CHOOSE to use violence to take what they covet, and an Anarchist wants to sell that violence to the highest bidder in a free market serving the principle of self interest.

"Austrian economics: So we undertand the relationship between our money and our liberty, and so we don't get taken advantage of by another central bank."

Great. Sound money. I'm all for it. When did you get the impression that I wasn't?

"The proper role of government: So we may recognize when a perversion of government is taking place. Like in the idiot examples that you've used against anarchy."

Didn't you just call me a statist and an idiot? Now you want to talk to me about respect, moral righteousness, and the proper role of government when you want NO GOVERNMENT?