Comment: Canadian schools already have police in the schools

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Canadian schools already have police in the schools

BTW having a COP in the school is different from having ARMED GUARDS. The cop is a local guy and does not present a feeling of MARTIAL law. Now maybe this is a step in the direction of martial law for the USA and could be used as you have said to brainwash obedience.

50 Toronto high schools to have police presence
"The program was the result of the Toronto District School Board's plan to increase school safety following a 2008 report on school violence by Toronto lawyer Julian Falconer, who headed a school community safety advisory panel established after the fatal shooting of Jordan Manners at C.W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute in May 2007.

The report made more than 100 recommendations, including buying sniffer dogs that would seek out guns in student lockers and other hiding places."