Comment: Why Own Guns? Because It's Educational and Fun

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Why Own Guns? Because It's Educational and Fun

I know that many of our colleagues here at the Daily Paul are staunch gun owners and would vigorously resist any attempt to be disarmed by the government. God bless you all.

Gun ownership is repeatedly condemned by the media and the entertainment industry because of its association with violence. Firearms are portrayed as tools of crime and they must be kept away from the general population.

I grew up as a young man with shotguns and long rifles in our household. Self-defense is key against tyranny and gun ownership is critical in defending our families, ourselves and the American way of life. But owning a firearm is about more than just self-defense. There is a whole world of enjoyment to experience with owning a gun: skeet shooting, trap shooting, pistol competition at your local gun club, hunting wild game, trading guns with your friends, making your own ammunition and acquiring a collection of guns to pass onto your children when God calls you up to the 'big gun range in the sky'.

There is something exhilarating about a firearm in your hands as you look down through the gun sight or scope, squeeze the trigger and hear the report of gunfire in your ears. Moments afterwards the smell of gunpowder confirms that one round is on its way to the target. It is a manly sensation and also appreciated by women, many of whom are excellent sharpshooters in their own right.

Guns are solid not flimsy. A good quality firearm will last a generation and they hold their monetary value in the free market. Learning how to clean your weapon is critical to its expected performance and regular maintenance means years of service. Owning guns is a great investment.

Why own firearms? Certainly for all of the reasons stated above but also; it sets us apart from the rest of the world who deny themselves the pleasure of gun ownership. It is how we identify with our past and keep our heritage alive.

What connects the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, freedom, and liberty together? Gun ownership, the right to keep and bear arms. To allow that to pass into oblivion is to lose part of who we are as a people.

Death2urking18, go get your gun and have fun. You’ll be joining the rest of us who already embrace a wonderful American experience.