Comment: Hypocrisy

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Christ/Christianity cannot be more clear on its non-violence principles. It is the attitude and hypocrisy of those who want to accomplish something and use any excuse, tergiverse words, lie, cheat, kill, etc. As people here always remind me, it is the individuals who choose to be evil/hypocrite.

I will give the example of the Catholic doctrine because I am more familiar with it. The last Pope made it very clear that the Iraq war would be immoral. He also spoke against the blockade in Cuba. Many so called Catholics could not care less.

I applaud those who point out the hypocrisy of many so-called Christians. However, there are others who just hate anything and religion becomes their target. Again, it is the individual who can either be an honest critic or just a fearmonger.

However on the topic of marriage and abortion Christianity is also very clear. And here again you have the same behavior. So called Christians justifying destructive behavior and on and on. I think your post is a bit deceptive. You are bundling non-violence with gay marriage. Same thing as with media. Bundling gay-marriage with civil rights. These are independent topics. Be honest please. Use the truth.