Comment: It's not just the conspiracy theories

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It's not just the conspiracy theories

Which I think can be healthy to an extent. It is the hypocrisy also. I have heard people here complaining about a knee jerk reaction from the left when it comes to the topic of guns, but that is what I got here when I simply asked what the difference between an assault riffle and another weapon is. I got a knee jerk reaction that included a lot of vicious remarks that made no sense in regards to my original post.

I read an "everybody should hate the NRA post" the other day and people were jumping on the GOA bandwagon instead. Since I know nothing about either, I simply stated maybe another association would be bad also, but that got downvoted a decent amount. It was an over reaction because people here cannot stand the fact that they might be contradicting themselves from time to time.

Everyone here is an expert and they have lost their manners. I never thought a place to talk about Ron Paul, a man who stands for peace could be such a hostile place.