Comment: I'm sure you'll be missed...

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I'm sure you'll be missed...

I seriously don't want to be associated with this site

So basically what this tool is saying is "either start censoring people or I'll leave."

I do not believe this guy is genuine. I believe he's a paid govt troll who's job it is to sit at a keyboard all day and debunk anything that isn't an "official story" - he's already said he believes the "technical details" of the 9/11 commission report - including WTC7.

Problem is this tool doesn't even know WTC7 was NOT EVEN MENTIONED in the 9/11 report.

Then he links the post (therefore advertising it) that he supposedly had a problem with... and proving he is NOT a TRUTHER and is in fact a LIAR stating that I'm calling for the PUBLIC DISPLAY of dead children which is FALSE.