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Questions for a teacher.

I'm not a teacher and haven’t been in school in a long time. I found school, at that time, to be tedious, mind numbing and boring, and I can say I have retained very little of what I learned there. I can only imagine what it must be like now.

What would you say to the statistic that 1/5th of Americans can't find the US on a globe?

The decline in education over the last 20 years seems obvious to me; can you shed some light on this? When I went to school, some big ones and lots of them (military brat), we did not have the issues they have now. I was robbed at knife point several times, by people that did NOT attend the school.

As a professional teacher, do you have any thoughts on home school? Do you feel that more authority and rigid structure would help school?

Are teachers feeling that vulnerable? Just from outside sources, or from the students themselves?
If it’s outside sources only, wouldn’t better door security only be effective enough?

What are your thoughts on teachers carrying guns? Not that you should be forced to, but allowed to?

I really am curios why we need cops and metal detectors in school now, when we didn’t before. I attended some pretty rough schools.

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