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Comment: It has been challenged

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It has been challenged

I've read lots of great articles that challenge the mindset of many "Christians" regarding pre-emptive war on quite a few different websites. Primarily, regarding the obvious hypocrisy of being both "pro-life" and pro pre-emptive war. It just doesn't get any play on the MSM, so a large segment of the population has never heard alternative perspectives on this issue. Another problem is that clergy tends to act as "patriotism" pimps who try and justify unnecessary wars and unfortunately, many people think that what their church leaders preach is always "God's word." Most of the Christians I know are also republicans, and many of them obviously put blind faith in their political party above the teachings of Christ. Maybe those of us who belong to a Christian faith should start speaking to our pastors, priests, reverends, etc. about this issue and let them know how strongly we feel about it and our disappointment in the general attitude of Christians toward war.