Comment: I'm Matt Dubin and I approve this message

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I'm Matt Dubin and I approve this message

I am Matt Dubin. I've been working to advance the cause of liberty in King County, Washington for many years, and doing so actively within the Republican Party since 2007. I was the King County floor captain for Ron Paul at the 2008 Washington State Republican Convention and I was the grassroots State Chair of the Ron Paul 2012 campaign in Washington from mid-March through the election. I was elected a delegate to the National Republican Convention and proudly cast my vote for Ron Paul in Tampa (although that vote was not acknowledged by party leadership).

With respect to the subject of this article, I worked alongside many patriots in anticipation of this meeting. We recruited and campaigned on behalf of precinct committee officers, rang doorbells and made phone calls. Many of us made sizable financial contributions. We had the numbers to win not only my election for State Committeeman (which ended in a tie) but to win every state leadership position from King County. We could have elected a friendly county chair, and a third of the State Executive Board members from our county - the most populous county in the State of Washington.

We did our best throughout the process to educate the supporters of liberty that JUST SHOWING UP AND STAYING UNTIL THE END can be enough to win. We reached out to our supporters with postcards (at our own expense) emails and personal phone calls. In the end, less than 200 of our people showed up for the meeting. Some had "more important things to do". Others simply were disgusted with the tactics used by leadership to hold onto power. Even so, that was almost enough to win. In my race, as a result of my personal campaigning (repeated email blasts to all PCOs, attendance at multiple "meet the candidate" meetings, and showing up at 7am in suit and tie and shaking hands, answering questions, etc.) I managed to fight the establishment candidate to a tie.

I personally know several supporters of liberty who walked out of the meeting out of frustration, disgust or exhaustion prior to my vote. I know others who just didn't bother coming.

We can whine and blame leadership all we want, but as long as they make the rules, set the agendas, etc., this is the reality we face. Politics is, and always has been a numbers game. My almost election in this bastion of neoconservatism, which wields virtual control over our state party should send a message to the supporters of freedom: We CAN change the direction of the GOP and in so doing save our nation, but it must be done through relentless, continuous, active participation in the Republican Party. Most importantly, we must continue to show up and stay at every Republican meeting and every Republican event.

The next County Organization meeting is in 2014. I predict we will have excellent candidates for every leadership position including County Chair, State Committeemen and Women and Executive Board members. Whether we can win will depend not only on the success of our efforts to keep our people energized and engaged, but in getting them to stop seeing themselves as VICTIMS and to start seeing themselves as patriots continuing the struggle that was taken up by our founders against a mighty foe. The enemies of liberty will never give up, but their power is an illusion that comes from our belief that it is real. We must continue to stand up to them screaming (politely) that the cause of freedom is too important to give up on, and that we will never go away. We will never be defeated.

We are doing this for our children and failure is not an option.

For Liberty,

Matt Dubin